English speaking hair salon Tokyo.

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turn TOKYO hair salon accept Go To TRAVEL campaign coupon & electronic coupon. All menu are suppoted.
Please try at this opportunity, If you are looking for English speaking hair salon in Tokyo.

Go To TRAVEL campaign

Head spa & Haircut, highlights, balayage.

turn TOKYO available for English speaking hairdresser who he is Yuki.
He can communicate in English very well and you are able to be relaxation, good hair style.

We highly recommend head spa menus. We have Organic relaxation head spa & men’s head spa , human stem cells & carbon soda spa ( Hair growth).

Head spa

Very lushly and small perfect hair salon.

turn TOKYO hair salon is small space that we have a lot of plants.
My location is Omotesando, Tokyo. There are the best trendy place in Japan. We will be able to give you good time & cool hair style.

turn TOKYO hair salon