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Hello every one. I made natural ashy brown balayage. We didn’t need to make bleaching this time. She would like to get just natural and keeping healthy hair.

Balayage back part

Basically I use lap behind of ear and using foil front of ear. I started to make balayage nape part to back center & side part to top part for lapping.

Balayage side part

After back part, I made balayage front of ear part when I used to make foil. That’s why foil works developing for hair color solution. Eliminating the unevenness of the back and side of the hair color.

We specialized haircut & coloring, highlights, balayage, hair styling.

Let’s get balayage or highlights!!
You are able to be new style and feeling.
Please check 【Waht the highlights & balayage are difference?】.