Good hair reflects your mood and your life

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Three promises

Stylist Yuki has experience as a hair dresser in Tokyo 5 years, in Los Angeles 1years, New York 5 years.
He came back in Japan from 2019.

The private salon makes you feel relaxed on the 9th floor of building on Aoyama street, Nice viewing and lushly green plants.

We have over 100 color products. And 3 types of hair treatment, 4 types of head spa menu.
We are able to chose products for your skin tone and your scalp condition, hair damage level.

We are looking forward to seeing you.

“Good hair reflects your mood and your life”

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Professional Hairdresser

Yuki is improving hair cutting, coloring skills for you.
We want to provide you good hair.

Relaxation hair salon

We are not huge space hair salon that we have 5 chairs and good viewing space.

The most important thing is consultation

We are talking about hair style before starting hair cut and color.
Actually hair design is your life style.
We will provide only your style.

English speaking hair salon 【turn TOKYO】

We are looking forward to seeing you.


Hair cut
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